Real Estate Blogging 101 – Improve Your Site to Properly Market Your Business

Blogs, or Web logs, were once used as an online journal to promote an individual’s personal opinion or statement on the Internet. This has been quite a fad ever since it was introduced on the World Wide Web. But today, blogs serves another purpose; and that is to market business for popularity and profit.


The content of your real estate blog is a very important factor that will determine the success of your online venture. It is a common advice to avoid turning your blog site’s content into a direct selling site, since not all of your visitors will be purchasing a property from you.

You need to realize that some of your visitors are there for information. Post informative content about the real estate market to satisfy your readers and to maximize the possibility of turning them into potential clients and customers.

Also, the content that you post will reflect your knowledge in the real estate market. Since a majority of these real estate buyers are interested only to individuals who are experts in this line of business, this is a perfect chance to show off your capability as a real estate agent.


In truth, blogs are quite easy to make, unlike other Web sites that you have to make from scratch. The feature of a blog that makes it a perfect tool for marketing your real estate business on the World Wide Web is that it allows feedback from your visitors.

Your online visitors will be able to comment on any of your posts, which in turn allow you to communicate directly with them. It would be best to reply to these comments in a professional and respectful manner to impress other visitors by telling them that you know what you’re doing when it comes to this line of business. This is especially the case for comments that reeks of a personal attack, to both you and your real estate business.

Also, these feedbacks can be used to adjust the content of your real estate blog according to the demands of your readers. Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to create a blog content that addresses all your visitor’s needs. The feedback allows you to determine the current demands of your client, and you can make any changes if necessary.


Since a blog is quite easy to create, without the need of hard coding using HTML, it’s quite easy to improve its accessibility by integrating search engine optimization (SEO) concepts into it without any effort.

For starters, you can place keywords into the content of your blog site so that it can be picked up by search engines. The more keywords variations you have scattered around your site, the bigger the possibility that you will be placed in the top ranks of search engine results.

Another way to improve your real estate blog’s accessibility is to propose link building strategies with other real estate blogs on the Internet. You can also make use of Web directories to achieve the self same goal.

Continuous Updates

It is very important that you regularly update your real estate blog with useful content to keep the interest of your readers and patrons. You might want to assimilate RSS Feeds into your blog so that your readers can subscribe to an automatic update every time you put something new on your real estate blog.

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The Basics of Creating a Real Estate Blog

Creating a personal blog is easy. All you have to do is sign up for a free service from a web space provider such as Blogger or WordPress, create a design or get template designs online, and simply post content. However, when the blog is for a professional purpose, the set-up for creating a blog may become a little difficult. So with that, it can be said that creating a real estate blog needs ample preparation. Signing for up free blog space is easy-it doesn’t even take a few minutes-but creating a good real estate website is not.

First off, should you sign up for free blog services? Many top real estate blogs use the services of the likes of Blogger and WordPress. The point is, it doesn’t really matter if you use free web space or if you get your own domain. The deciding factor of the success of your blog is and always will be the content. The design, of course, is also a serious concern. You don’t have to pay for someone to create the layout of your blog-all you have to do is get one that’s easy to browse and supports certain applications for differently-abled.

Of course, the most important part here is the content. How will you create content? Will you personally write them or will you task someone with the job? Before setting up the real estate website, it is important to sort out a schedule which you will and you can follow. Nothing can annoy regular readers more than irregular publishing of post. Therefore, before you make the blog active, make sure you have content good for a few days, then work out a more feasible schedule for there.

As for the content itself, it has to be written in a way that it attracts visitors. This means you have to deal with topics that people are interested in. But more than that, the content has to be written in a certain way. While blogs adhere to the tenets of good writing-and as a blog owner, you have to know these-it is important to realize that Internet writing is different compared to writing for other mediums. For instance, sentences should be short, and it is advisable to break paragraphs to make it easy on the eyes. Make your content relevant to the concerns of the general public; do not write fluff and do not rant.

But beyond the aesthetics is the general purpose of your blog. Of course, the real agenda of the blog is to generate interest for you as an agent and to generate online presence. However, before that, you need an angle. What will your blog be about? Some real estate blogs serve as some sort of real estate website listing own great properties in specific areas. For instance, there is a real estate website/blog about real estate in Canada; obviously, the owners of the blog are realtors from Canada. The blog has done a great deal in promoting Canada as a good place to invest on real estate. And since the readers, thanks to the content on that blog, are conceived that Canada is a great place, it isn’t easy to guess that prospective buyers will contact the blog owners.

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